Originals for Sale

Special pricing for all Inquires

Fire Bird - Red Tailed Hawk over Santa Clara

Acrylic on Gallery wrapped canvas
30W x 15H x1.5D

Sale Price $1,800.00

Last Grip of Winter on Mud Creek

Oil on canvas 

14.W x 18.H x .75D

Sale Price $800.00

Prayers for the Next Generation

Oil on canvas
28.W x 22.H x 0.5D

Includes 3 Inch frame

Over all demisions : 34 x 28 x 2.5

Sale Price $6,000.00

Brookie Flash Rework


Oil on canvas
24.W x 18.H x 0.25D 

Sale Price $1000.00

Prickly Little Cactus

Acrylic on canvas
16.W x 24.H x 1.D 

Sale Price $300.00