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Provoking Emotions Through Art

Creating something new, bringing ideas to life.

Welcome to Corsetti Design. My passion is creating unique art that tells a story and evokes emotions. I work in a diverse range of mediums, including sculpture, chalk, watercolor, acrylic, oils, and digital art, depending on what the client and image need. My choice of subject matter is diverse, ranging from wildlife and western art to landscapes and portraits. In addition to commissioned artwork, I offer original paintings, fine art prints, merchandise, and greeting cards. Contact me today to learn more about how available originals and your vision for a commissioned piece.

How I Work

At Corsetti Design, I believe that every piece of artwork tells a story. That's why I take a unique approach to my art, starting with an idea or story that needs to be told. I sketch it out, compose it, and then just let the paint flow, taking advantage of little accidents and surprises along the way. The end result is artwork that immerses the viewer in the environment, evoking deep emotions and making them feel like they're a part of the scene.

Satisfied Clients

Your Rainbow Rising gets a rise out of of everyone that comes into my den, man-cave

Mar 27, 2023

Have many of your paintings! Your work is amazing!

Mick Gina
Mar 27, 2023

We commissioned Rob to paint the Manti Temple. When I first saw it a teared up it was so moving. I loved it. We built our whole living room around it. Thanks Rob.

Karen P.
Mar 27, 2023


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Jeffrey Vallad

15 May 2023

15 May


Chris Lesieutre

12 April 2023

12 April


Rob’s stuff is really great, and on top of that, he’s just a pleasure to work with. Super responsive and accommodating.


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