Robert Corsetti
Artist/Designer/Problem Solver

Originally trained as a graphic designer back when it was called commercial art. It was In this corporate world Robert earned attention through his work on logos, marketing campaigns, and packaging designs, as well as illustrating books, novel-jackets and commissioned fine art for national and international accounts like 3M, Easton, Browning, and Huntsman Chemical Corp.

As his success in creating illustrations grew Robert shifted his focus to fine art and illustration. When asked about the distinction between graphic design and Fine art he said “Both are made to capture the audience’s attention, tell a story, that resonates with its audience. People will remember places, scenes, and designs they connect with, and this connection comes from how they feel.”

“I create because the very act keeps me alive, it is what awakens my soul, gives me purposes inspires me to make the world a better place. Art is supposed to uplift and give people new experiences. It is very rewarding to create art that is enjoyed by others. It’s made to be shared.” 

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