Thought I would put AI to the Test

As a professional artist and illustrator for 50 years. I am glad I’m not trying to make a living at it in this AI day and age. People hired me to illustrate an idea for and article, advertisement, product label or the front cover of a book or magazine.

I was paid well and loved my work. Nowadays with AI art people can just type in a few prompts and get some very beautiful renderings. Am I jealous? Maybe?? But I truly feel sorry for those working artists who are starting their careers and hope they survive.

The controversy of what is art has been going on since the first caveman peed on a cave drawing. It has always been up to the viewer and still is.

When I started in this industry everything was done on an easel or drafting table with wet media.

I have enjoined watching the art world evolve.

I was one of the first to jump on the digital bandwagon and was recruited by a digital software company to help develop and demonstrate Photoshop imaging paint software first used in the broadcast industry. I used a Lisa Mac and thought it was an incredible breakthrough a tool that speed up my productivity 2 fold. Then a digital camera and digital paint. Loving the freedom and speed which it gave me. I still use digital technology to compose my artwork before I begin painting it on canvas. Art has always evolved so I am questioning... Should I jump on this tool or automation or be left behind or embrace it like the other advancements in my career?

So...My problem with AI is several things.


It is so easy with social media to spread a lie “Fake News” and fool people who can’t tell AI from reality and sometime I have a hard time detecting it and my AI meeter is on high alert.

It is just one more thing that is starting to divide us. The confusion of what is real and what is not. Even more so now that AI can show photos or even videos with fake voice overs that can sound and look just like anyone its asked to emulate.


I hate seeing all these posts from people using AI saying “ look what I made with my own two (six) fingered hands”. It is making for a bunch of artist, musicians, photographers, writers, creators that are lazy and don’t have real skill or discipline to learn even the basics skills. In my opinion it devalues human talent. Currently AI-generated artwork lacks feeling, heart and soul, depth and human connection but I think it will evolve.

The rapid progress of AI in the arts sparks concerns about the future of human artists and frankly humanity. As AI grows in its ability to create images there is a disconnect and devaluation of authentic human-crafted artworks.


I have watched and read enough science fiction which eventually becomes science fact to know how this ends for humanity.

Visual communication is a trendy business it’s important to stay informed and connected to ensuring that your art remains relevant. But is it a tool for creatives?

Are you selling your soul?

The future of art is full of possibilities,

Be authentic personalizes your work. Our strength is in the human connection, the emotions, the story of how and why we made it. By sharing your experiences Professional artists will connect with their audience.

As alway creating keeps the creator alive.

One last thought.

Cant we get AI to do the monotonous and mundane chores like doing the dishes or the laundry instead of the fun things the things that make us human like creating art? I want a robot like Rossy from the Jetsons.

The test-
I typed the description from My painting "Lone Tree Struggle" into AI Imagine engine. This is the best I got.

For me “Lone Tree Struggles” symbolizes perseverance and strength in the midst of the challenges and adversity we all face in life. I began this painting by hauling my paints and easel over some rugged terrain to set up for this plein air piece, but as usual I end up adding more details in the studio. I just can't leave well enough alone.
It always amazes me to see how stubbornly the vegetation in the harsh environment of the desert landscape in southern Utah clings to life. I was enthroned with this solitary cedar tree defiantly growing out of a red rock sandstone cliff. I guess what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? The bright blue turquoise skies with virga rain falling from a gray cloud, hints at the coming monsoon season and the promise of the rare occurrence of rain in the arid southwest desert, where water is scarce and precious.
The approach of the monsoon season with its rain and flash floods are both a blessing and a curse another reminder of the constant struggle for survival in unforgiving conditions.
The lighting on the distant mountains and red rock mesas creates a depth and atmosphere for the viewer to feel the crisp clean air of the desert where you can see for 100’s of miles.

Overall, “Lone Tree Struggles” captures the beauty, resilience, and don’t forget fragility of the desert ecosystem, inviting you to contemplate and protect the delicate balance between nature’s strength and vulnerability in the face of environmental challenges.

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