The Importance of Public Art

The Importance of Public Art

Public art brings a human touch to any environment. It makes a connection between the viewer and the space it inhabits a connection between life and ideas. Public art can define cities and towns make places where people want to visit, live, make memories.

Public art reflects how we see the world it is the artist’s response to our time, the future and the past it connects us to the place and communicates with our sense of who we are.

Public art is Placed in public areas it is there for everyone a form of collective community expression.

Art attracts attention, that is what it is meant to do. Is there any wonder, then, like all art a varied popular opinion and controversy is inevitable, it is a healthy sign that the public is involved.


Public art is an interactive process involving artists, architects, design professionals, community residents, civic leaders, politicians, approval agencies, funding agencies, and construction teams, to enhance the artist’s involvement. As artists we must bring our artistic integrity, creativity, and skill to the community it is our commitment to invention, boldness, and cooperation.

In Utah we have a program where 1% of the cost of a public building is to be invested back into the community through Public art.

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