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I see these amazing bird all the time while walking in the desert. I even have one that comes and watches me work in the garden. I wanted to capture the blue-green and bronze iridescence in their feathers, and that moment of tension when they decide something is food. They attack with incredible speed and never give up. Native Americans revered and honored this bird for its strength, bravery, endurance and fearless hunting prowess and placed its X Shaped foot prints around their surroundings to ward off evil.
Stylized roadrunner tracks have been found in the rock art of Indigenous peoples of Southwestern tribes like the Anasazi and ancestral pueblo cultures.
Roadrunner feathers were used to decorate Pueblo cradleboards as spiritual protection for their babies.
The roadrunners (genus Geococcyx), also known as chaparral birds, are found in the Southwestern and South-Central United States and Mexico Deserts. Although capable of flight, roadrunners generally runs. They have been clocked at 32 km/h (20 mph)

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